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Pet Grooming FAQs

Grooming Facility Information and Safety Measures FAQ's




Do you provide dog anal gland expression?
Anal gland expression is optional and entirely up to you, the client. If you opt for it, rest assured it's performed externally
and with your pet's comfort in mind.

How are special needs or senior dogs accommodated?

For dogs with unique needs or senior dogs, we're equipped to provide tailored care. Our groomer specializes in handling
anxious and nervous pups, focusing on patience and creating a relaxing atmosphere. To foster comfort, we dedicate the
initial 30 minutes to acquainting the pup with the environment. During this period, the pup can bond with the groomer
through lots of affection and can check out the equipment until they have a chance to sit down and relax. The grooming
table introduction is a gradual, gentle process that allows for trust-building. Senior dogs and those with disabilities
receive extra time and attention to ensure a stress-free experience.


Grooming Facility Information and Safety Measure FAQs

Do you need vaccination records?
To ensure safety, every new client and groom is required to sign our Pet Grooming Agreement This agreement
mandates up-to-date vaccination reports from your veterinarian. It also includes a waiver to prioritize the safety of the
client, the dog, and our company. Your pet's health and security are our priorities.

Are you licensed and insured?
We operate with complete licensing, insurance, and bonding coverage. Our daycare, including grooming, dog walking,
and overnight boarding services, is covered by liability insurance exceeding $3 million. Additionally, we proudly hold
membership in the National Groomer Association of Canada under Member Number G214.

Can I see your grooming facility?
Our grooming facility is open to all clients to come and take a tour! Our grooming space is thoughtfully designed for
inclusivity, sharing an open concept setting with the daycare area. After every grooming session, our groomer cleans the
facility to maintain optimal hygiene. Also, each week, every piece of equipment undergoes a thorough disinfection
process and a top-to-bottom cleaning.

How do you handle emergencies?
To ensure the well-being of each animal, we start by conducting a thorough assessment from nose to tail, utilizing our
First Aid knowledge and equipped with a First Aid Kit. From there, we determine whether veterinary attention is
necessary. Our collaboration with VCA Rosedale Vet Services, conveniently situated just 2 blocks away from the daycare,

guarantees immediate access to urgent medical care when required. While we've been fortunate to avoid any instances
in our facility, we are well-prepared and trained to handle any unexpected emergencies that may arise.


Where can I find references or testimonials?
We love testimonials! View our testimonials page for heartfelt videos shared by our loyal clients, offering a glimpse into
their experiences. Additionally, our Google reviews boast numerous 5-star ratings that laud our daycare, grooming,
walking, and overnight services.

Ready to Treat Your Pup to a Dog Spa Day?

Schedule a dog grooming appointment effortlessly by choosing one of two convenient options: book online through our Gingr System or give us a call directly. Your furry friend deserves the best and we're here to make their grooming experience a joyful one!

Pet Grooming Process


How do you handle matting and severe tangles?
We prioritize educating our clients about the potential issues caused by matting when grooming isn'
t maintained regularly. We explain the safest and pain-free methods to groom dogs with matting, ensuring their well-being is put first.


How do I select a grooming style for my dog's breed?
Choosing a grooming style depen
ds on your preferences and your dogs current condition. We work closely with each client to determine the best style that suits both the breed and your desires.


Is shampoo included in the grooming process?
Absolutely, we use our Kin+Kind Hypoallergenic Shampoo to ensure your pet receives the best care.

Can I choose the scent of the grooming products?
Yes, you have the option to select the scent you prefer. Additionally, we offer unscented products for clients with sensitivities to certain smells.


Are the grooming products hypoallergenic and safe?
Our grooming products are designed with hypoallergenic, plant-based ingredients that deeply moisturize your pet's coat. These shampoos and conditioners are free from sulfates, parabens, and GMOs. They are vegan and expertly mixed 
by hand in the USA.

Do you accessorize with scarves or other items?
Certainly, we offer the option of adding a scarf or bandana to your pet
s grooming experience for that extra touch ofstyle.

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