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Next Level Pet Daycare

Motivated by a passion for animals and deep understanding of quality pet care, we continue to serve a growing client base and expand our service offerings to meet their needs. When you and your furry friend come to Debonair Dogs Daycare & Grooming, you become part of our family. Debonair Dogs Daycare and Grooming will provide a stimulating, safe and joyful daycare experience for your precious pooch! Socialization is important for your dog’s health and happiness. At Debonair Dogs Daycare & Grooming your furry best friend will enjoy supervised play time through our enrichment program. Our doggy daycare attendants are fully trained in canine communication and body language. We are proud to have a high staff to doggy ratio in order to uphold the highest safety standards. Through proper supervision, your loving pooch will receive appropriate play, walk and rest time. In a structured environment our enrichment program offers various crafts, water play, and tunnels which will stimulate and engage your furry best friend. We separate dogs by size, temperament, and play styles. Our daycare is on a rotation schedule to promote proper play and rest cycles in crates. This will ensure your pet has a great time, while preventing overexertion, exhaustion, or injuries. Your dog will come home ready to relax and hang out with you after your busy work day.  When your furry friend stays with us, you can rest easy. Our revamped facility offers the best in dog care—your dog will enjoy playtime, walks to the park, rest, stimulating enrichment activities, and lots of personal attention in a clean, safe environment. It’s the VIP treatment for your dog. In order to ensure that your doggy is a good fit for our daycare, we prescreen all dogs through a supervised trial day. This observation period is a chance for us to meet, evaluate and allocate the correct grouping for your dog. After this, you may tour the facility in order to get a better understanding of playgroups and individualised rest areas.​​


Location & Accessibility

  • 1198 Yonge St, Toronto ON M4T 1W1 - Subway: Summerhill Station 

  • Parking: Birch St - Green P Parking

Facility Tour 

Staff Qualifications 

Playgroup Size and Composition

  • 1 to 15 Attendant to Dog Ratio

  • 40 dogs daily maximum in daycare

Health and Vaccination Requirements 

  • Contact your Vet and have them send over your dog's health information. Please note all Debonair Dogs must have the following: 

  • Rabies vaccine 1 or 3 year

  • Distemper vaccine 1 or 3 year

  • Bordetella vaccine 

  • City of Toronto dog license

  • Regular Flee & Tick medication

  • Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old and fully vaccinated for Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella

  • Pups that are 7 months or older must be spayed/neutered 

Health & Safety Protocols

  • We take our health and cleanliness seriously! We disinfect our daycare each night with our heavy duty disinfectant fogger 

  • BestShot 253 Multi-Use Disinfectant is a multifunctional product for all hard non-porous surfaces. It offers deep disinfection thanks to its concentrated electro-chemically activated solution rich in oxygen, in which pathogens such as bacteria and viruses cannot survive.  Plus, it eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

  • The disinfectant is 100x more effective than bleach, killing 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, including (but not limited to) MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Human Coronavirus (HCoV) 229E. It may also be used against SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19.

  • Our one-step disinfectant is effective against a broad-spectrum of bacteria, is virucidal*, inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, including their odors when used as directed For Animal Holding Facilities, Veterinarian Clinics and Pet Grooming Establishments • Effective against parvo, H1N1, H3N2, MRSA and more 


Supervised Playtime​

Separation of Dogs

  • All of our dogs are separated according to size, play style & temperament between our 3 large play pens 

Indoor & Outdoor Areas 

  • 3 large play pens plus up to 3 daily walks to the park 

Enrichment Activities 

  • We have a range of different enrichment activities such as: obstacle course, treasure hunts, scent trails, bubble blowing, ice throwing, hulla hoops, arts & crafts, canvas & painting, frisbee and ball throwing 

  • Quiet time (rest) happens daily from 4-6pm where we put on our Meditative music and rest with the pups after a long day of play! 

Feeding Schedule 

  • Feeding happens from 12-1pm daily away from the pack and always with one doggy daycare attendant. Please bring in your dogs food and we are happy to accomodate them! Please note we DO NOT give treats to our dogs as many of our pups have allergies 

Communication and Updates 

  • You will receive a daily verbal synopsis from our crew about your dog's day at daycare. Please note we are very honest about how your dog has behaved throughout their time with us. If we have any concerns (behavioral and/or emotional or health wise) we will contact your straight away 

Reviews and References 

Policies on Aggressive Dogs 

  • Dogs that are toy possessive or show aggression tendencies will not be allowed to participate in daycare. Kindly note not all dogs are fit for daycare life and we must keep our current pups safety as our top concern 

Cost & Payment 

Registration & Reservations

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3 dogs in doggie daycare, playing in ball pool.
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