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Debonair Dogs Daycare Owner

Hello and a warm welcome to all! My name is Masha and I am the proud owner of Debonair Dogs Daycare & Grooming. I am a woman on a mission to make my dreams a reality by taking care of your most precious possessions! I have always had a passion for animals and have decided to take a leap of faith that has taken me out of my comfort zone as an elementary school teacher and into the world of dogs! Throughout many years, parents have entrusted me to educate, inspire and care for their most valuable assets - their children. It is my long standing goal to take that knowledge and apply it to the study of canine behavior.
Our dedicated staff is highly trained in canine communication and body language so you may rest assured they possess a solid understanding of the needs of your furry friend. I wholeheartedly pledge to love and care for your four legged fluff ball as if it were my own! Through impeccable service, attention to detail and deep rooted love for animals I believe your pet is in the best hands possible. Thank you for your trust and unwavering support in Debonair Dogs Daycare & Grooming!


Meet our Dedicated Team! 

Two Vets and a Vet Tech walk into a doggy daycare….and never leave 😂💓
Let us introduce ourselves!

Elena, Debonair Manager (far right): Hi everyone! My name is Elena, I’m from Dartmouth NS and hold a diploma in Veterinary Technology. Animals, dogs especially have been my passion since I was young & managing Debonair is a dream because it allows me to combine work & my passion into one!

Melany, Daycare Attendant (far left): Hi there! I'm a Veterinarian and Zoo-technician from Ecuador, and I've loved animals ever since I was a child. I've collaborated with foundations and clinics to help species affected by the pandemic, and I've developed specialized knowledge in environmental enrichment for different types of animals. This allows me to help animals feel better every day and improve their metabolic health. Currently, I work in pet daycare centers, using my knowledge to relieve their stress and enhance their quality of life. I absolutely love helping animals and hope to continue doing so for a long time!

Santiago, Daycare Attendant (middle): Hi there! My name is Santiago and I’ve been passionate about animals and I've loved helping those who don't have a voice since I was a kid. I studied Veterinary medicine back in my home country Ecuador, and one of my future goals is to create an animal shelter and rescue center to find the perfect homes for these furry creatures who steal our hearts. I look forward to meeting you all and playing with all your doggies!

We’re so lucky to have such well skilled staff 

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