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Overnight Dog Boarding: Debonair Dogs' Luxury Overnight Haven

Updated: Mar 11

Unleashing Unmatched Comfort: Why Debonair Dogs Daycare & Grooming Sets the Standard for Overnight Dog Boarding!

In the realm of dog boarding services, Debonair Dogs Daycare & Grooming stands as the epitome of luxury, care, and personalized attention, surpassing the conventional kennel boarding experience. Nestled in the heart of Toronto's Summerhill neighbourhood, our overnight boarding services redefine the standards for canine comfort, ensuring your furry companions experience a home away from home. Let's delve into why choosing Debonair Dogs for overnight boarding transcends the ordinary and sets a new benchmark for excellence.

1. Luxury Beyond Kennels:     

   Debonair Dogs goes beyond the traditional kennel setup, offering luxury dog boarding that rivals the comfort of high-end hotels. Our premium accommodations are designed to provide a lavish experience, ensuring your pet feels pampered and cherished throughout their stay. Embrace a warm and homely atmosphere with our family-style overnight boarding, minimizing stress and creating a true "home away from home." We're thrilled to introduce our boarding oasis - where comfy couches and plush bedding will provide a calm and soothing atmosphere to make sure your dogs have a restful night's sleep. 

2. Personalized Attention with a Dedicated Overnight Attendant:

   Unlike standard kennels, our overnight boarding includes the constant presence of a dedicated overnight attendant. Your pet won't be alone, experiencing the reassurance of having a companion throughout the night, ensuring safety and providing companionship. Experience peace of mind knowing that our dedicated overnight attendants sleep alongside the dogs, providing constant companionship, comfort and upholding our strict safety protocol. All overnight attendants hold a Canine First Aid Certification; in case of any emergencies, rest assured we got you covered! Debonair Dogs has a capacity maximum of 5 dogs per night in order to keep a personalized service while holding safety as its most important element. 

3. Tailored Overnight Dog Care - No stressful kennels:

     Debonair Dogs understands that one size doesn't fit all. With family-style overnight boarding, we create a homely atmosphere, minimizing stress for your pet. Scheduled walks and feedings ensure a structured routine, promoting their well-being and happiness. Our family-style boarding is designed for dogs who crave a home-like atmosphere. It's an excellent option for multi-pet households or dogs that feel more at ease in a family setting. Our family-style living room is designed to mimic the comfort of home, providing a tranquil setting for your pet to rest and relax.

4. Regular Updates for Peace of Mind:

   Stay connected with your pet even when you're apart. Debonair Dogs provides regular updates, including videos and photos, so you can witness the joy and contentment of your furry family member, fostering peace of mind.

5. Beyond Boarding: Doggie Daycare Integration:

   Debonair Dogs seamlessly integrates overnight boarding with our renowned doggie daycare services. This means your pet not only enjoys a comfortable overnight stay but also engages in socialization and exercise during the day, ensuring a holistic experience.

6. Expert Grooming Services:

     Elevate your pet's stay with our professional grooming services. Returning to a furry friend not only happy but looking their best, thanks to our expert grooming team that adds an extra layer of care to the boarding experience.

7. Convenience for Pet Owners:

      Tailored solutions for working pet owners. Debonair Dogs provides a convenient and reliable solution, ensuring that even the busiest pet owners can offer their beloved companions the care and attention they deserve. We offer a pick-up & drop-off service to better accommodate your schedule. Please call and book ahead for this service. 

8. Affordable Excellence:

   Experience excellence without breaking the bank. Our affordable dog boarding makes it possible for every pet owner to provide their furry friends with the unparalleled care and comfort they deserve. The cost of overnight boarding is $45 per night, plus the cost of daycare. 

Choosing Debonair Dogs Daycare & Grooming for overnight boarding transcends the conventional kennel experience. Our commitment to luxury, safety, personalized attention, and a stress-free environment ensures that your pet receives the best care possible. As a beacon of excellence in Toronto's Summerhill, we invite you to discover a new standard of overnight dog boarding that goes beyond expectations. Your pet's happiness is our priority, and at Debonair Dogs, we strive to make every tail wag with joy.

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